About APMedia

Our Mission

We advance the gospel in Asia Pacific by empowering Christ-followers to effectively utilize media and technology.

Our Vision

We see Christ-followers effectively utilizing media in every people group in Asia Pacific.

Our Legacy.     Our Impact.     Our Future.

Asia Pacific Media was established in 1985 as a regional ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions-USA. APMedia produces family focused video dramas, feature-length films, print publications and radio broadcasts all in the local languages.  APMedia also offers media workshops and training.  With our main ministry center in Manila, Philippines, APMedia works with individuals and churches throughout Asia and the Pacific islands including Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and a number of island nations.   APMedia also has production studios in  Taipei and Hong Kong.

Watch our History.

Feel our Impact.

See our Future.

We are a Christ-centered ministry that values:


Media is everywhere, but it doesn’t often promote Christian values. We are committed as a media ministry to being truthful, honest, and faithful to God’s Word.


Media can be almost mindlessly created. Through producing quality, winning content, we strive to represent our Creator well.


Media constantly changes. Our team adapts to cultural and technological trends to communicate His Message in an ever-changing world.

Contextual Relevance

Media comes in many forms. We create content that speaks to local realities and clearly communicates a Christian message in the heart languages of the viewers.

Partnership & Teamwork

Media should not be done alone; it requires collaboration. We work together with like-minded individuals and organizations to maximize the impact of the message.

Our Director

Keith & Delsey Garner joined the AP Media team in April of 2019 when they became the new directors for APMM Philippines. They arrive with extensive knowledege of life in the Philippines as well as over 20 years of church based ministry experience. Delsey will also serve as the editor for MOMS magazine. Together they are dedicating themselves to Multiplying His Message across the Philippines and Asia Pacific. They have one college age son.