30 Years: Riding Waves of Change

30 Years: Riding Waves of Change

My media roots were cultivated in radio. In fact, in a time before the time of cable television, I spent my years building and managing radio stations in Illinois.

So, when Kim and I laid the groundwork for what was to be AP Media from our home 30 years ago, radio naturally became the launching pad of this ministry.


There were many instances in the history of this ministry where listeners even found physical healing as they touched their radio and the broadcasters prayed.

Places of Southeast Asia, which were adamantly opposed Christian message, started opening their doors for these speakers to come and hold rallies. Dozens of churches were planted over the years.
Thirty years later, as we assist the national church of Indonesia to launch a radio station, there is once again a divinely-positioned opportunity to speak into a part of the world where opposition rages between Christian believers and radical Islam.

I once again am poised with expectancy— interceding that for many who have never heard the gospel.

Thanks to partners like you who have faithfully invested in prayer and financial support of this ministry and the relationships we’ve established with national churches across Asia Pacific, the lines of communication and influence are wide open.

And the GOD OF MIRACLES continues faithfully MULTIPLYING THE WORK!

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