4 Ways AP Media is Passionately Aiding Addiction Recovery

4 Ways AP Media is Passionately Aiding Addiction Recovery

Men in Progress (MIP), AP Media’s free quarteryly newsletter for Filipino men is helping many who are seeking help for addiction recovery for addiction recovery. The latest edition is being used by many of churches who are stepping up so that men can know that complete freedom can be found in Jesus Christ.

Drugs Destroy

Dino Gonzales was once a user and a drug supplier for the Northern Philippines.
Now he is a youth pastor. What a transformation! How did it happen?

12 Steps to Overcome Addiction

Penuel Home is a spiritual retreat house with a Christ-centered program for men,
18 years old and above. They deal with all types of addictions.

From “Hopeless” to “Full of Hope”

I would never have thought that the man in front of me was a former drug addict.
The first time I met Sir Paul Esguerra I thought he was a really cool looking guy.

Conquering Kryptonite

Every man has points of vulnerability, even Superman. It is not a question of whether we do or we don’t have areas of temptation. The question is whether we realize we are vulnerable.

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