STORIES: Moms Magazine

Mom’s Magazine Creates A Buzz Who knew a simple article in a mom’s magazine would create such a stir in Myrna’s heart that it would create a ripple effect in her community. It not only changed how one woman took care of her finances, it made her reach out to her church, friends, and community.  “I didn’t know how to handle my salary before but when I read an article i ...[Read More]

STORIES: The Power of Forgiveness through Motion Pictures

An exciting thing about creating films and using videos for Christ, you don’t know just who it will impact and how.  The movie, Ama Anak, is the story of a father and son relationship in crisis. The movie unfolds in front of Filipinos who aren’t used to using film  to teach values or open their eyes to a different way of living. As the story unfolds, it hits home. About the Film  The f ...[Read More]


An exciting thing about working in media is discovering gifted people that help you create and develop these cutting-edge resources. Jenny (pictured above) is one of those gifted individuals. I first met her over a year ago. She’s a graduate in Mass Communications from one of the local universities in Taipei. She wanted to creative a video concerning the struggles of teen culture. We gave her the ...[Read More]

PROMO: Feature Film “Bijay”

“Bijay” tells the story of a young boy in a village in Nepal who dreams about playing soccer for the national soccer team. When a coach comes through the town looking for new talent, he stops at nothing to make his dream a reality. The story uses game of soccer because of its popularity in Nepal among young people. This film is a way that APMedia continues to multiply His message throughout Asia P ...[Read More]

IMPACT: APMedia Rewind

IMPACT: APMedia Rewind

“I believe media is a powerful tool in sharing Christ,” says Revo Avarientos, a contributing writer for Asia Pacific Media (APMedia), a ministry that has been reaching lives for Jesus for 25 years, continually developing and growing with each passing year. Beginning in 1988, in the home of Assemblies of God missionaries Bill and Kim Snider, with only one staff member, the ministry, originally know ...[Read More]

PROMO: “UKids”

“UKids,” is a series of short dramas targeting Filipino children ages six to twelve, addressing character issues. The eight-minute dramas, on which production began in 2012, are anticipated to be an ongoing project. “There is a significant interest in these videos in the public schools since  it values development is a part of the public school curriculum,” Bill Snider, Director of Asia Pacific Me ...[Read More]



“At present, APMedia—China is aggressively improving our Web site, Today there are over 650 million internet users in China. We not only offer a daily web broadcast on our Web site, but we are looking at how we can develop more relevant materials in video, as well as in audio, to reach the younger generation, reach the urban areas, and at the same time to be able to give more spir ...[Read More]

STORIES: Bryan’s Story—Manila

We asked Bryan why APMedia is so important. He said “You showed me about my life through a story that I could relate to, in my language. One of the characters in the movie was like me. I knew what I needed to do. APMedia also provided me with a valuable tool to share the gospel with others.” Bryan is a young man living in Metro Manila. A short time ago, his pastor showed the APMedia movie, & ...[Read More]

IMPACT: Rebuilding Together

“Most of the time, Asia Pacific Media is creating tools to tell the story of Jesus in the language and culture of the people. But during a disaster, their role changes is to turn on the camera and show the church responding, caring and supporting those who have suffered great loss,” says Bill Snider. This became true once again when Typhoon Haiyan hit the central Philippines on November 8, 2 ...[Read More]

IMPACT: Shanghai Training

Part of the way APMedia works to see His Message, Multiplied, is by going into countries and doing training sessions with those Christian leaders who are wanting to use the media to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. Here is a recent testimony by Lin*, who was part of a recent session in Shanghai. When we first entered into the training hall, over 30 students were already in morning de ...[Read More]

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