APMedia Experience

Sharpen your creative skills through cross-cultural media experience.

The APMedia Experience is a cross-cultural, immersive opportunity to apply and sharpen your technological and creative skills by engaging with international ministries striving to multiply His message. The APMedia Experience includes practical, hand-on applications as well as opportunities in developing your understanding of missions. The APMedia Experience will be primarily located in Manila, Philippines.

Who should participate in APMedia Experience?

This program is designed for media experienced juniors and seniors who are looking to build, apply and expand their education in a cross-cultural ministry environment.

Why should I participate in APMedia Experience?

Through the APMedia Experience, your collegiate education will be broadened by:

  1. Becoming acquainted with Asian culture
  2. Pursuing incarnational ministry with Asian neighbors and co-laborers
  3. Collaborating in day-to-day, hands-on, real-world media production environments
  4. Producing pixel-related content that tells the story of Asia Pacific AGWM ministries
  5. Developing content for evangelism and discipleship of people throughout the Asia Pacific
  6. Enriching your understanding of cultural anthropology by observing Asia Pacific through the lens of media missiology

What does APMedia Experience looks like?

There is no “standard week” in the APMedia Experience; it is a completely immersive environment built for the individual strengths of the participant. The APMedia Experience is a broad, diverse, highly relational, hands-on, cross-cultural opportunity to grow and apply your creative skills, develop new life-long friendships and enrich your understanding of the role that media has in God’s plan.

During the program, our desire is to maximize the participant’s APMedia Experience. Upon arrival, our expectation is that participants will spend each moment ready to write, plan, develop, produce, direct, film, edit, design, code, animate, serve, and learn according to their skillset. A successful APMedia Experience participant comes with a readiness to produce, an eagerness and zeal to learn more about Jesus, and the ability to be flexible to changes that will occur along the journey. In addition to serving, your APMedia Experience will include your attendance at a local worship service on Sunday as your day of rest.

In addition to the work in Manila, participants will have the option to visit another country in Asia Pacific to work on a project with an AGWM missionary. In order to complete your internship requirements upon returning home, you may asked to complete additional post-production work.

What resources do I need for APMedia Experience?


As with most countries, you will need a US passport to travel to the Philippines. You will be receiving a 9A visa upon your arrival. This tourist visa does not require additional fees and will last your entire APMedia Experience. You are not required by the Center for Disease Control to receive any immunizations prior to your trip to the Philippines.


There are two seasons in Manila-wet and dry-with a temperature range from 78 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit . Our team at APMedia in our Manila office dresses business casual on office days. During production days, a more casual attire is acceptable. Shorts and sandals should only be worn on days off.


APMedia Experience participants are required to bring a laptop (PC or Mac) with the needed creative software per their skillset. The APMedia office has free internet available for production use. In addition, your guest house should have internet. Expecting speeds any higher than 3mbps would not be realistic. All power outlets in Manila will be 220v unless specified otherwise. Most PC/Mac laptop power supplies can handle up to 240v.


Participants are encouraged to bring their creative equipment to use during their APMedia Experience, but are not required to bring additional equipment (i.e. HDSLR, Wacom, microphone, Steadicam, etc). We highly recommend that if you do have creative equipment available to you, that you would bring it to maximize your experience.

Where is the APMedia Experience?

APMedia is located in Manila as a strategic location for ministry opportunities throughout the countries of Asia Pacific including the islands of the Philippines. Metro Manila, the capital of the Republic of the Philippines is the fifth largest mega city in the world with a population of about twenty million people. This densely populated urban area makes traffic congestion legendary as drivers weave between vehicles. As you travel between neighborhoods, a stark contrast can be seen between the skyscrapers, gated communities and informal settler communities that are at times separated by only a few yards.

The residents of Manila are primarily Filipino but include a smaller amount of Chinese and Koreans. The national languages of the Philippines are both Tagalog and English. In Manila, while you can survive with only English, it is suggested that you pick up a few Tagalog words along your journey. This will help you thrive in your cross-cultural experience as well as help you make new friends at APMedia.


While Manila has plenty of western fast food chains and restaurants, it is suggested you take the opportunity to enjoy local ethnic dishes because of the strong cultural connection between Filipinos and food. Filipino cuisine is a eclectic mix of Spanish, Malay and Chinese influences. While many Filipino dishes are gluten free, meat is a large part of the Filipino diet; one that does not lend itself easily to being vegan or vegetarian. There are few spicy Filipino foods.


Transportation varies around the city: trains, buses, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and taxis are all ways to get around Manila. The public, non-airconditioned bus known as a “jeepney” is a cultural icon, a form of Filipino artistic expression, and the way many people in Manila travel every day.


The currency you will be using in Manila will be the Philippine Peso. Money can be withdrawn via ATMs in Manila for about $5 per transaction or you can easily exchange any money you would bring. Currently, 45 PHP equal about 1 USD. Credit cards are accepted at most stores and restaurants as well. The Philippines uses the metric system.

How much does the APMedia Experience cost?

The largest expense for the APMedia experience will be airfare, which will cost between $1500 and $1800 for a round trip ticket to Manila from the United States. During the APMedia Experience, you will be sharing a room in a missions guest house for about $25 per day. The participant should expect to spend about $25 per day on travel and food expenses. The total expense per person for a three week APMedia Experience would be $1050 plus the cost of airfare.

In addition to living in Manila, some participants of the APMedia experience may have the opportunity to travel to another Asia Pacific country to produce materials for AGWM missionaries. These missionaries will be responsible for accommodations, while participants will be responsible for the additional costs attributed to this portion of the APMedia Experience (airfare, food and transportation).

How can I fund my APMedia experience?

While one can save up to fund his/her own APMedia Experience, we encourage participants to ask their family, friends and church for support. This is a way to participate in the APMedia Experience before coming to Manila by building your faith and walk with God through prayer.