HOPE Multiplies the Harvest

HOPE Multiplies the Harvest

Someone has said that the light shines most brightly in a dark place. And in every part our world, hope is the light that keeps people going. Even in the darkest times, we have seen the light of Hope, over and over again, multiply the harvest.

If you are like me and are following the news about some difficult part of the world, it’s easy to think that hope is in short supply.

In our ministry headquarters of Philippines, the War on Drugs seems overwhelming. We see hope shines a light of the opportunity to reach a new harvest field!

Since the new president’s law was enacted, more than 7,000 drug users and dealers have died in this country—this is unprecedented. He has spoken plainly to the Church that these people need its help.

In the last few days, we’ve had a team from Global Teen Challenge teaching workshops to local Christians on how to lead and disciple people out of addiction into a new life in Christ. At AP Media, we believe that everyone needs a story, a model, that shows there is hope.

This month, we are producing the first of several stories of former addicts and gang leaders like Jerry (find his story on page 8) whose lives have been turned around by the power of the gospel. HOPE!

These stories, along with Living Free discipleship training, will be that light in a dark place and offer a way forward. At AP Media, we are in the business of multiplying HOPE, so all may know the SOURCE of it!

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