How You’re Helping Us Reach Asia Pacific


  • Our new Asia Pacific Media app was introduced in May. Now our materials are available anywhere through smartphones.
  • THE BRIDGE, a movie that reaches out to SE Asian followers of Islam, was voice-dubbed into a new language. This group of over 1 million people has less than 1/10 of 1% who are followers of Jesus.
  • There was a Social Media presentation to pastors at the AG national conference in April. Close to 700 pastors were introduced to using social media for their ministry outreach.


  • A production workshop was done for workers in Yangon.
  • A new video studio is being constructed in October for new production work.
  • Several testimony videos were produced and shared via social media.


  • A media workshop for church planters introduced them to websites and social media pages that can help them share God’s Word.


  • We trained a video producer from Vietnam.
  • Received invitation to do a media workshop for leaders in January 2019.


  • We trained two Khmer workers in video production.
  • We did our first Media workshop for pastors and media workers in Phnom Penh.


  • AP Media staff offered a short workshop on Using Social Media for workers from cities across Mainland China at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary.


  • A full-time media worker will return to Japan in mid 2019 to start production of contextually relevant materials for the church.


  • We did a one-hour presentation to Muslim ministry practitioners from 20 nations on media resources to reach their people.
  • We did a two-hour workshop presentation to mission leaders from 100 nations in Madrid, Spain, on “Empowering Missions Through Using Media.”

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