Pioneers of the Broadcast

Pioneers of the Broadcast

The very first year Kim and I laid the foundation in place for AP Media, the mission God set on our heart was clear — to train indigenous media missionaries to carry the gospel to their people in a way they could understand that would translate into their daily lives.

The most accessible, wide-reaching, cost effective way to carry that message — radio. So we began raising up urban radio broadcasters. During that time radio shows like “Hope for You,” “The Miracles of Life” and “The Answer to Your Problem” brought the power of the Word of God in a culturally relevant way into homes across the Philippines.

We saw the radio ministry of AP Media take the message of Jesus Christ to the unreached Waray (or Samareños) people, bringing revival to a people who had never understood salvation through Jesus.

There were also numerous reports of listeners finding physical healing as they touched their radio and the broadcasters prayed. People even waited outside the studio so that when the program was over, they could talk personally to the broadcasters.

As the broadcast multiplied, so did open doors.

Places in Southeast Asia, which had been adamantly opposed the Christian message, opened their doors for these speakers to come and hold rallies. Dozens of churches were planted over the years in some of the most remote islands.

Radio continues to be a hallmark of this ministry. In fact, many of those same radio shows have changed names, but the many of the broadcasts still embrace the same mission they were purposed with.
As you support the ministry of AP Media, you invest in that 30-year legacy that continues to be multiplied in building the Church in Southeast Asia in kingdom potential.

Thank you for your faithfulness that allows us multiply the next generation of church leaders who are embracing radio, as well as our advancing media technology, to take the gospel to those who have not understood or heard it before.

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