Releasing John 10:10 Potential

Releasing John 10:10 Potential

Though battles wage across the Philippines against drugs and terrorist uprising, we believe that AP Media is positioned in the heart of this region for such a time as this.

Many addicts, in fear of the death sentence for their drug habit, know that rehabilitation that provides LIFE-changing results is the only hope they have for a future. That’s why telling the stories of former addicts like Jerry and Paul is so important. They offer hope!

These Freedom Stories give men and women the opportunity to see how people, just like them, find complete healing through Jesus Christ! In June, we put our first story on social media. In three weeks, we had 1.4 million views. These stories will be incorporated into a new 12-step program called Living Free that is now coming to communities across  the Philippines. Church workers will connect with those who are seeking freedom. I covet your prayers as this is a great open door. Each story is the message of LIFE in Jesus Christ, MULTIPLIED through the power of media — it’s the missional heart of John 10:10.

And every day, because of your prayer and financial support of this ministry, you are helping increase our John 10:10 potential — so all might have LIFE MULTIPLIED … and more abundantly.

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