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Equipping Leaders to Multiply His Message

When God’s people answer His call on their lives with willingness, He equips them to spread the Message of hope to  make His name known all over the world. God is using Asia Pacific Media to help turn willing Chinese Christians into ministry leaders trained to effectively use current digital media outlets to reach their culture for Jesus, in their churches and beyond. As the skills of the students grow, so do their visions, motivating some of them to express their excitement about what God is doing in their lives and ministries with the help of APMedia – and your partnership.

“I am happy that we are able to participate in the internet ministry. Internet is a industry, and we Christians need to take part in it. I wish to further explore using media in ministry when we go back to our home towns and churches. I want to use multimedia and internet to let more people know our ministry and understand our beliefs.” —Li
“This week I was able to learn about the multimedia ministry. This is what I have always desired. Although I do not posess all of the skills now, when I go back home I can get in touch with the teachers, and that makes me feel assured. Even though our group was not able to finish our video, I copied all the material and footage and plan to finish it when I get home. I thank God for Asia Pacific Media.” — Mei
“The vision of my church is to develop a ministry with impact. I love multimedia because this is a visual era. I especially like the roles of scriptwriter and director. We have been praying and seeking. I have many ideas in my heart and hope to bring young people to participate in this ministry. I am thankful to God for APMedia and have their assistance in future.” — Pastor Chun
“I am thankful for learning multimedia ministry. Although we have only a few days of training, we were given a practical process. Since I am involved in college ministry, we especially need this kind of media in outreach. There are so many temptations in society. We hope to spread some evangelical materials on the internet. We must let people see there is light.” — Lau
“This ministry is really helpful. Suddenly I have another thought about media. Oh, how wonderful is God’s creation. Every person has own strength, and everything that God created is useful. When I go back home and face my college fellowship—the young people in my church—it will be very useful. I am grateful.” —Yen It’s clear. Thanks to your prayer and partnership, APMedia continues to provide ministry leaders the media training they need to see His Message, Multiplied in China and the greater Asia Pacific.
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