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Media Missionaries in the Making

Last month, participants came from five local churches in Taiwan to attend the 3-day APMedia training seminar in sound and video production. Sessions included shooting and producing short content videos and utilizing editing software. “Training is a significant way that APMedia is multiplying His message,” APMedia Director Bill Snider says. “A majority of people in Taiwan are on the internet for more than 4 hours each day, interacting through computer, tablets and smartphones. We believe the church must know how to utilize these tools in communicating the gospel. As we produce quality content and train local Christian media workers they are able to see how technology can be used for evangelism, discipleship, mobilization and vision casting to reach out to a younger generation.” For more than 10 years APMedia’s editors Kim Snider and Evelyn Damian have taught a 7-week Magazine Training International course. Students learn how to conduct interviews and write a variety of stories. They must attend every class and complete all assignments to receive a graduate certificate. A number of these students go on to write for the APMedia publications MOMS and Men In Progress. “The magazine really didn’t take off in popularity until I stopped writing all the articles. It’s much more received if people who write the articles can relate culturally,” Kim says. “This is why we needed to start a writer’s class. It’s absolutely vital to teach people to tell their own stories — in order demonstrate what God is doing in their own culture. And that is the heart what why we do what we do at APMedia.” PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR ONGOING MEDIA TRAINING EFFORTS

  1. For God to continue to raise up more Christian writers and videographers to tell the stories of what God is doing.

  2. For inspiration for the writers’ pool for our APMedia publications—we need guidance on content to effectively reach Asia Pacific.

  3. For the fire of media ministry to continue to burn in these workers who are mostly volunteers who share a burden for ministry.

  4. Foundational funding for APMedia. We need this funding so we can continue to grow our ministry throughout Asia Pacific.

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