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Restoring the Family

The plight of the 10.5 million people serving as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) is one of the greatest crisis’ affecting families today. When a man accepts a job as an Overseas Foreign Worker, he becomes a “bachelor” along with millions of other men who work for months at a time in a foreign country to send his earnings home in support of his family—only seeing them once every two years . Many mothers also seek employment as OFWs in the hopes of providing their families a more stable financial future. Many OFWs return home with the hopes of investing their hard-earned money to give their families a good life and to secure their personal financial future. However, many find themselves struggling without help or guidance. APMedia is dedicated to helping the Church be the place of support for these families through resources like Usapang Pamilya (Family Talk). Watch the episode below which focuses on a couple named Nestor and Dolly who face the consequences of overspending. Asia Pacific Media seeks to create more tools like Usapang Pamilya and Family Academy in a strategic effort to equip 10,000 churches to reach out to OFW’s.

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