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2016 Project Highlights


  1. The movie BIJAY continues to be a blessing in Nepal. We have also sent copies to the Middle East, Myanmar, and the USA so believers can share the show with Nepalese living there.THE MIDDLE EAST

  2. Introductory training in social media and video production in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  3. Networking with the Filipino church community for ongoing training and use of AP Media dramas and resource website, usapangpamilya.comMYANMAR

  4. Training of church workers in northern Myanmar with the goal of establishing local media teams.

  5. Mentoring and production assistance in developing stories for the Buddhist world and training for local leaders.THAILAND

  6. A movie for the Southeast Asian Muslim world is being reviewed and will be translated into Thai.VIETNAM

  7. Consulting with a local group toward the production of AP Media movies for voice-dubbing into Vietnamese.INDONESIA

  8. The voice dub of REBOUND and THE MESSENGER into Bahasa was completed.

  9. Movies were distributed to leaders from across the nation in August. The movies will now be put on line for download by believers.

  10. The initial leadership training on using media is bringing invitations to train local workers from several parts of the nation. We will be in Indonesia several times in 2017 teaching on video production & story telling, along with sessions on using social media for the Local Church.MONGOLIA

  11. Voice-dubbing of The Messenger into Mongolian for use in outreach across the country among Buddhists.TAIWAN

  12. The AP Media China team produces weekly teaching programs for the resource website CHINA

  13. Resource website provides hundreds of hours of video, audio, and print content, along with a search engine to help believers and seekers learn more about God.

  14. Using local social media, daily contact with believers and seekers who are looking for counsel and guidance for their lives.PHILIPPINES

  15. Extensive training of church workers in social media, video production, and editing.

  16. Production of many Digitracts for free distribution by Smartphone and tablet. All video dramas and movies are now available for download at

  17. Quarterly print production of MOMS magazine with 50,000 subscribers. Digital version available online at .

  18. Overseas Filipino Workers stories. Documentaries about God’s work in the lives of Filipinos who work in the Middle East and elsewhere. A great tool for churches ministering to families.

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