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A Mustard Seed Investment

The Bible is full of stories where small things are multiplied to produce great things. In fact, that mustard seed of faith is probably the most exceptional example of that multiplication. The disciples of Christ multiplied from 12 to 70 to 120 on the day of Pentecost, then to 3,000 and beyond How will this MESSAGE reach those who have never heard? By faithfully investing in mustard seed opportunities¬, we can ¬¬share His Message, and then train others to share it within their own culture and communities. The recent Asia Institute for Media in Ministry (AIMM) is an example. Participants came together from nine nations. They learned new skills, and God spoke to many about using communication to share the MESSAGE in creative ways. In this issue of MISSION, you’ll hear some of their stories. Kim and I launched Asia Pacific Media over 30 years ago. Beyond the dramas and stories, the radio programs in new languages, movies being on national television, what I will always remember are the people who are using media and reaching their own nations. His Message Multiplied. It happens when others take a seed and plant it in serving Christ. Today there are people across Asia who are sharing this good news through creative stories and social media. Thank you for every mustard seed you have invested that is yielding eternal results — together.

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