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A World of Ministry in the Palm of Your Hand

For years, AP Media has struggled to make evangelistic videos and stories accessible to people. Distribution was our number one problem. Then came the smartphone and something called “apps.” A Christian leader said recently that the smartphone was the one of the greatest inventions for sharing God’s truth since the Gutenberg press. I believe it! Over 89 percent of all content that people access on the internet comes through apps. That fact motivated us to make our content more accessible. Earlier this year, AP Media launched our own app for Android

and iPhone. Now, anywhere in the world, people can access AP Media content, view it and share it. This is a mobile witnessing platform for any believer to use. With over 10 million Filipinos working in nations around the world, the AP Media app is being used today in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America to share stories of hope, to listen to the latest radio programs, and use our “DigiTracts” as a 21st century witness to youth and young professionals. The gospel message in creative form is now in the palm of your hand. Pray with us that the app will be a powerful tool broadcasting hope around the world.

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