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We celebrate the completion of the 2022 Asia Institute for Media in Ministry Online! 🎉Asia Institute for Media in Ministry is designed for local pastors and churches to learn about effective online ministry techniques. This was a time of learning and engagement for pastors and churches across Asia Pacific. The training was focused on leveling up church livestream. We are excited to share with you what our students have to say about AIMM 2022! 😊 The training was really helpful to me and my media ministry. And I was encouraged by the Word of God that was spoken from all speakers at every devotion session. — Zang As a beginner, I’ve learned a lot through AIMM 2022. I’ve learned new things and it motivated me to try those things for God. —Katreen We couldn’t find any videos or materials online on how to solve most of the questions, but they were answered through this Church Livestream online training. It’s very useful and practical. —Quesa I’m very grateful for the seminar because we find many online, but they don’t cater to the goal we have as disciples and missionaries. I learned a lot and excited to apply it all. —Anjali Topics were relevant and informative, and especially to churches that are starting to adapt to the new normal—workers growing in their skills, growing in their heart for ministry and for God. They will reach their world. —Fernando AIMM is the almost perfect training for all levels of church media members. It highlighted what most churches are missing today—the value of media in sending His message. —Michael Your investments make it possible to host events like Asia Institute for Media in Ministry. Through AIMM, APMedia is able to invest in and train local pastors and media workers for media ministry.

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