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Amazing News: First-ever Video Series to Target Youth in the Philippines!

Dear APMedia Partner,  Angelica comes from a broken home, and is now struggling as a single teen mother. Her father is an Overseas Filipino Worker in the Middle East and her mother spends her time living the party lifestyle. Angelica gave her heart to the Lord, but she has no one helping her continue to grow in God. She worries she will fall back into her former life.

With your help, the “Youth MAX” video series will impact Angelica and other young adults all across the Philippines. The need is great. Never before have Filipino churches had video programming specifically focused on helping young people grow in God and reaching their friends. Youth MAX is a 5-week emphasis addressing relevant youth topics such as Friendship & Peer Pressure, Family,

Love & Sex and Purpose. This media package, which begins with our movie, "Rebound,” is a comprehensive resource designed to maximize individual as well as group study.

We want to give you a chance to be part of this exciting new opportunity to reach youth in the Philippines with essential tools for life!

How you can help:• Give.  $10,500 will produce, package and help distribute this groundbreaking series to 500 Filipino churches in 2015. If more is given, more churches receive! Your gift can literally impact the lives of thousands of young people. • Pray. Without God’s help, all is in vain. Pray for the young people who will be challenged through the messages. Pray for the churches that have requested our help. Pray that the funds for this important project will come easily. At the request of our national Assemblies of God Filipino leadership the Youth MAX resource will debut at a church leadership meeting in the Philippines later this month.What an incredible open door!


Churches are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to have this tool and reach the youth in their communities. As you know, young adults around the globe are drawn to the creative arts and Filipino youth are no different.Patrick Tan, is head of Chi Alpha for the Philippines, where 50 percent of the population is under the age of 20. “I work with young people every day who are searching for truth,” he says. “The Youth MAX series will spread the gospel in unprecedented numbers. Nothing like this has ever been done before! We are believing God for a dramatic response to these messages.” At APMedia, we produced this tool believing the timing was right. Now I need your help to fund it!

Make “Youth MAX” a reality!

No matter the amount, if you give $1,000, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 this will go towards reaching this generation where they are with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Even a simple gift of $25 will help to package and replicate one Youth MAX series for one church. We need your immediate response. Please give today. You can make your donation securely today at Thank you for partnering with us today to see His Message, Multiplied to reach the next generation in the Philippines as well as the greater Asia Pacific! Blessings!

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Bill Snider, Asia Pacific Media Director

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