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APMedia: Creating Landing Strips for the Gospel

Message from Bill & Kim Snider, APMedia A few years ago in a seminary class on encountering other religions, I was challenged by this idea: our job is to find “landing strips” for the gospel message. Imagine with me, nations of people that do not have access to THE MESSAGE or understand the “good” in the Good News. A “landing strip” is a point of contact, an access point, where our message makes sense and speaks to the needs and fears, as well as the hopes, of a people. We are living during an era where communication technology is exploding. The tools, whether they be DVDs, MP3 downloads, the internet or smartphones, offer us access. But the challenge is to find the connection point, where the gospel finds good soil, where the message relates or “lands.” Over the years, we’ve discovered that families, with their struggles and hopes, are “landing strips.” The gospel speaks to family needs and relationships. We’ve discovered that as we learn about a culture and ask hard questions, felt needs present themselves as a starting point for a gospelmessage. We have seen results! One such media tool that addresses a felt need of the culture is our movie, “The Messenger,” about spiritism and the occult. The movie, which has had over 180,000 views on YouTube in the past few months, offers a life changing truth: Jesus is more powerful than any spiritual force or fear in your life. The drama founda “landing strip.” This March/April issue of Mission magazine  is focused on our efforts to reach, heal and restore families in China—one of the largest mission fields as well as the fastest growing Church in the world. Please continue to intercede with us so we can find new “landing strips” for the Good News in Myanmar and Indonesia—a strategic APMedia focus the coming year.

All of this has only been made possible because of your prayers and partnership over these years. Please prayerful consider what you can give today. Whether $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 one-time or as a monthly pledge, every $5 will reach and restore a family in crisis in the Asia Pacific. Your offering today and faithful commitment during this year will help us offset our monthly $5,000 operational budget that spans across the Asia Pacific to see souls impacted for the kingdom. It is imperative to the future of this ministry that we have these foundational commitments. Please follow this link to make your one-time or ongoing giving commitment today Thank you for your ongoing commitment to help APMedia make a difference for families in Asia, in Jesus’ name!

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