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Behind the Scenes: A Fieldworker's Story

My testimony began when I was still a newborn. My father and mother were very proud of me. But the joy did not last long. The doctor said I had a disease and would probably die. They prayed for a miracle. God was so gracious to keep me alive to serve Him. This is why I went to seminary and started ministering. In one area ministered in, there were addicts and drug dealers. Some people knew we went to Bible school, so one lady threw her scarf under my feet. She challenged me: “Do not pick this up and give it to me until you promise to bring my son home from the drugs.” I told her, I promise. It took us a year and a half to bring her son home. We ended up baptizing 55 young people—addicts and dealers. God was so kind, so gracious. He saved them, but the drug lord came back to my church with an angry mob to kill me. The mob beat me up and injured some of my brothers and sisters at church, but my wife and son managed to escape. When I was in the hospital, a policeman came accusing me of three different crimes: drunk driving, robbery, and rape. On the final day of the court hearing, I told the judge and the jury that I wanted to forgive my accusers. The judge said how come—you are going to be in prison forever. But I told him, I serve the Lord and He gave His life, and He forgives. His accusers put Him on the cross. I just have broken bones and some bruises. In that moment there was complete silence as I recited John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. Those 400 people in attendance heard the gospel. God gave me this unexpected platform to share the gospel. I thanked God for giving me this opportunity because He had a purpose. I am presently serving in a closed country. Although there are restrictions, God continues to be faithful.

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