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Beyond What We Can Ask or Imagine

It was a breathtaking sight. In my mind when I arrived at our first training session in Myanmar this summer, I was expecting 150—maybe 200—workers to show up. To my surprise, though, God MULTIPLIED that. The room was packed with over 400 leaders and lay workers! The weeks that followed were even more inspiring as my trainers and I worked side-by-side training media missionaries in Indonesia and the Middle East. As I stood before many crowded rooms, I had no doubt that these seminars are the beginning of great things multiplied for God’s glory into many unreached or hard to reach parts of the region and beyond. Now, instead of knocking on doors to share our ministry with churches, every day more church leaders are knocking on doors asking for our help to increase their effectiveness in reaching a media-saturated culture. Your continued faithfulness gives us the ability to say, “Yes!” Thank you, AP Media partners, for helping to extend His Message across Asia Pacific and beyond what we ever thought or imagined possible. Bill

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