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Breakthrough for the Church in Vietnam

In October, the Vietnam Assemblies of God received official government status as a church. This means that the church can worship legally, can build buildings, have an official Bible school, and be more open in their evangelistic efforts. Our AP Media team came to Ho Chi Minh City one week later. God’s timing was incredible! We discovered that our March 2019 visit had spurred new video stories and that many churches had launched Facebook pages. We are helping bring the gospel across the social media waves. Churches are excited about telling stories of salvation. This is one of those divine moments and YOU have helped get us here. We feel privileged to be working with a great church that is advancing the good news. Thank you for allowing us to say yes to the request of the church leaders in Vietnam to work with them to reach the next generation. Your partnership makes this possible. With many training opportunities ahead of us in 2020 as we approach Giving Tuesday, will you give your best gift so we can begin 2020 financially strong? This edition of MISSION magazine features more digital missionaries you helped us train with your faithful support of this ministry. Thank you for your commitment to increasing the workers! - Bill

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