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Equipping the Church

This summer at the Indonesia AG National Church Conference, which happens once every five years, AP Media was given an amazing opportunity. We had 4 hours to address and train a select number of key pastors and leaders from every part of the nation about how to use media effectively in evangelism as well as discipleship. Indonesia AG leader, Gatut Budiyono said of the media tie-in with the church: “There’s an emerging awareness among young pastors in my country that they want to do something so that they can reach the young generations. “Some of our cities are not only aware of this need, but they have done everything they have knowledge to do. Some are doing well, but some are struggling. “ During this time we were able to distribute 250 movie sets of REBOUND and THE MESSENGER. (the picture on the bottom left of page 12 shows AP Media Director Bill Snider standing with Pastor Redy, who brought together a team of Indonesian speakers to do the voice-dubbing of the movies into Bahasa—the language of Indonesia. We are looking forward to going back to Indonesia in 2017 to do media workshops in other areas of the country.

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