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From the Heart: Mayie's Story

“I’ve been a MOMS Magazine subscriber for 2 years and it has been very beneficial for me because I can share the contents with parents and youth. One of my favorite articles was one on homosexuality. I was able to relate to the topic because I was once a lesbian and I kept it a secret. But with God’s grace I was set free and now have a husband and children.”—Pastor Mayie Dalida

His Message, Multiplied to Reach ...

  1. AG and Evangelical Churches

  2. Christian School

  3. Board of Investments

  4. Government Parole and Probation Office

  5. Women’s prison in Manila

  6. National High School in General Santos MIndanao

  7. Other high schools

  8. Resources for the Blind

  9. Pharmacies

  10. Don Mariano Marcos State University

  11. Gov. Dept of Social Welfare and Development

  12. College of Education

  13. Travel  Agency

  14. Secular bookstores

  15. Task Force Against Trafficking

  16. State Universities

  17. Doctors Clinics

  18. St. Lukes Hospital

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