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I have been involved in media ministry in my church, starting simply with announcements. Before that, all announcements were given from the stage. I began looking at the great video work from other churches, and that became a great motivation for me. I also started a Facebook page and Facebook group. I came to AIMM because I wanted to learn more about how to use social media as a tool to evangelize people. The way we are doing it is not as effective as it can be. There are just a few viewers. We don’t get much feedback when we post pictures or videos. In my class, we learned that we need our viewers and followers to give feedback. I hope to be able to improve our Facebook page and group. I also hope we can start live streaming. We have so many branches, and we have people who go abroad. Live streaming or podcasts would help them keep up with what’s going on at our church. I hope I can teach these things in my church and to others also. We have some very traditional branches. They don’t have media; they don’t even know how to start. I want to help them have a great media ministry, starting with what they have, even if it’s just getting photos and videos with their cell phones. I would like to see training like this come to Indonesia. It is majority Muslim. It is hard to evangelize. I think a media ministry is an essential tool for reaching unbelievers, especially Muslims. Most of our churches do not have a media ministry, but they all have creativity. This kind of training would be beneficial for Indonesian churches.

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