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In college, I was passionate about writing. In fact, I was a campus activist who wrote articles critical of the school administration. I also participated in campus protests. During one protest, one of my friends was killed. That experience shook me. But my story doesn’t end there. I had a friend who invited me to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a college campus ministry. I found Jesus. I realized my life had changed, but I didn’t go to church yet because my Catholic parents would not permit it. When I finished college, I met my husband, Dennis. He brought me to his church. Together we served the Lord in their children’s compassion ministry, washing dishes and serving food. We are still working with the children, but now I am the director of our Project Compassion, serving 317 children, and my husband is the chairman of the board for our church. I found out about the AIMM training when I saw an ad and noticed there was a course in writing. I still do online freelance writing. I felt this course would improve my skills. So far, I have not used my expertise in ministry; it has just been a job. It is time to use it in ministry in the church, to share God. The church is planning to have a small publication that will promote the activities of the children to other people and to reach them. Now I am planning to persuade them to have a publication in our church. I also want to use my writing to inspire youth and children, encouraging them to pursue their dreams. AIMM is a blessing to all the participants and us. We have dreamed about having media in our church. Now we know if someone else has done it, we can do it in our church.

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