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HIS MESSAGE, MULTIPLIED VIETNAM—Meet An– Video Production Student

As a child, I watched cartoons about Bible stories. That’s what got me interested in media. As a teenager I watched a lot of videos, animations and shows. I thought, I want to make those. I downloaded some software and started experimenting. I was in seventh grade when I made my first video. AIMM is more than just training to me; it is something unique that God has called me to. When in high school, I told my parents I wanted to go into media, but they didn’t let me. They thought a girl could never make it in that field. Still, I knew it was something God wanted me to do. In time, without realizing it, I had given up. A year later, at a service, the Lord spoke to me through a prophetic word: “You thought that I had forgotten the promise, but I never forgot it. I will do things to carry out the promise. I will slowly do things to carry out the promise that I have for you.” I just burst out crying. This promise is something I always carried in my heart. When the announcement first came out, a friend sent it to me. I was really interested. But the dates were the exact dates I was supposed to have my exam week. And I couldn’t afford it. But over the next few months, the Lord worked miracles: moving my exam dates and providing financially. I now have a dream. Someday, I want to have a studio that is focused on producing Christian films.

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