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As I pulled up to the Japanese church, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I only knew they had launched their media ministry shortly before COVID-19 hit the world. Pastor Yoshi eagerly awaited me in the parking lot. After a lot of polite bowing, we sat down to talk. I quickly realized that this church was bursting with creative vision for using media in reaching their community. They didn’t have a wealth of expensive equipment or a professional team with years of experience. No, they had cobbled together equipment lying around the church and some second-hand cameras bought from friends to accomplish what God had put into their hearts. I could sense their excitement as we talked about their needs and exchanged ideas on how to improve everything. From livestreaming and Christian education to social media content, Pastor Yoshi was ambitious, and I loved it. As we put together a plan to grow this budding media ministry, I feel the urgency to expand our reach. So many here have ambitious hearts to creatively share Jesus with those who have not heard. We’re privileged to help open up new possibilities for them to do just that. The leadership in the Japan Assemblies of God has approved a three-pronged effort to empower local churches to do media.It will begin in July with a nationwide online Zoom meeting for all pastors in the AG, followed in September by an initial training for church workers. The final prong will be February 2022, when we will do an on-site in-person Asia Institute for Media in Ministry specifically for Japan. It’s an exciting day, and the Church sees the need for media and asking APMedia to help. This is everything we’ve been working toward, and you are an integral part in helping it come to pass. JONATHAN LOWRANCE—JAPAN

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