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How You're Helping Us Reach Asia Pacific


  1. The What We Believe series is finished and online for pastors and workers across Myanmar.

  2. Thanks to your support, the video studio we built is being used for weekly online services that are reaching thousands.

  3. The Church in Myanmar has grasped the importance of Christian messages on social media. We see expanding the types of messages that the team is creating in the next 12 months. JAPAN

  4. The Church in Japan has asked us to build and train a media team that will produce projects for evangelism and resources for local churches.

  5. Our first official large-scale training workshop is in the works and will hopefully happen in 2021.

  6. Reaching young people in Japan is a high priority, and COVID-19 has not stopped our efforts. We are working with national youth leaders to produce a national youth camp that will be completely online. INDONESIA

  7. In 2018, 2019, and in June 2020, our AP Media team trained emerging leaders, a ministry team focused on the universities, and a media team in a large local church in Jakarta in using social media effectively.

  8. Indonesia is such a vast country (comprised of 17,000 islands), our goal in the coming year is to leverage long-term relationships to expand the gospel message online. VIETNAM

  9. Our training in 2019 was “on time” for the Church. Dozens of churches and their pastors—and many individuals we have trained—are now using social media, reaching tens of thousands.

  10. In the coming months, whether COVID-19 increases or not, we see churches increasing their commitment to online ministry in addition to inperson services.

  11. AP Media will continue to mentor and provide personal training to church media teams. PHILIPPINES

  12. Our team has expanded online training, offering weekly webinars and forums for believers and leaders.

  13. Production of powerful testimony stories continues, as well as Digitracts focused on hope in a COVID-19 world.

  14. We see online training and mentoring as the most effective thing we can do in the coming months to Multiply His Message.

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