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IMPACT—APMedia: Reaching China in the Digital Age

Note from Bill, APMedia director— I recently was able to talk to our APMedia—China team about the dramatic changes in media, and the way that APMedia China is responding. In less than a decade, smartphones and tablets are the communication vehicle of choice. Feedback doesn't come by hand written letters any longer. QQ and Weibo provide instant access to information and allows the possibility of digital friendships. APMedia China has also made dramatic changes. From radio of the 1990 and early 2000's, we are now producing teaching and short dramatic videos. We have expanded to use social media and are forming chat groups. Every day we stream audio content on our website,; and we are producing creative short features that share God's love. Our responses are instant, on line, and timely. The ability to disciple people by social media is growing. We have more access to people than ever before! But in the midst of all of this change our team member said, people are looking for answers to the same questions about life, relationships, hope for the future. They are looking for answers to problems, and many are searching to know God. So even as the way of communication has changed, the needs are very much the same. The APMedia China team is committed to being there, to being Spirit-guided, and to see God's message of reconciliation and eternal life be accessed by thousands in the coming year. Thank you for supporting this creative ministry. We are totally dependent on the faithful support of friends and church groups to continue to serve the Chinese people. If you would like to pledge a one time or ongoing gift of support to help us continue this work in the Asia Pacific to reach families and carry the message of Jesus to this generation please follow this link and prayerfully consider what you can give today. For more details on APMedia's work in China, take time to read our new issue of Mission Magazine by clicking here. Thank you for helping us see His Message, Multiplied in China and beyond!

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