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IMPACT: Teaching in Mongolia

From Bill: Kim and I have done many things together, but this camel ride was a first.

This month Kim and I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach students and workers in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I'm teaching on spiritual formation to a group of twenty and speaking in chapel service.

This picture in downtown Ulan Bator shows the twin challenges of the hour—religion/Shamanism and the powerful lure of consumerism. Only the gospel offers answers to life's questions and the promise of He will provide all we need.

The students in my Spiritual Formation have been taking God's word each evening after class and reading, meditating, praying and waiting on God. God has been speaking and there is excitement, awe and tears. We ended up having a prayer meeting, praying for several class members. They have come from churches around Ulan Bator, church leaders and some church leaders  in the making. This week the students have been writing in their journals about what God has spoken to them about living with integrity. We were so excited to see God at work in their lives. We are privileged to hear such amazing stories of transformation.  Thank you for praying for Kim and I as we continue to teach and minister during our time here in Mongolia.

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