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IMPACT: Training Leaders to Multiply His Message

In May, Asia Pacific Media hosted Filipino church staff members and professionals during two Multiply Media Training sessions in Manila and Baguio; during these weekend workshops, participants were able to gain hands-on experience with media, video production, sound equipment and writing As a motion graphics animator at Solar News Channel, Monina Kho has professional media experience. However, as a youth pastor involved in multi-media ministry, she enrolled in the Multiply video production class. The hands-on learning in the workshops proved to be beneficial to all attendees, even those with little to no experience.

“I learned many things that will enhance my skills in video editing,” she says. “I enjoyed the actual shooting. I was able to handle the camera. I learned how to choose the best shots, the techniques of camera framing and how to use the lights.”Vanessa Capatas, of Bethel Christian Assembly in Montalban, learned how to use a mixer and other audio equipment in the Church Sound System workshop. Before the class, Vanessa says she knew if she turned on the mixer, it would create sound. However, she now knows how to use it the right way.
“Since I am part of the worship team, I handle the audio mixer and instruments at my church. I learned a lot of exciting things in this training.” Vanessa hopes to train more and encourages others to get training. Alumni Relations Officer Nanette Salting hopes to capture more alumni stories at the seminary where she works. To help in her professional development, she enrolled in the video production class.
“I learned how to make videos, mix sounds and edit,” she says. “Media is a powerful fundraising tool to capture the testimonies of our alumni.” Nanette will use her new media knowledge to educate alumni, share the gospel and help raise funds. Overall, participants agree their experiences will help them reach young people. 

Read more of this story in the September/October issue of Mission Magazine on page 12.  We are so thankful for all our APMedia partners like you who are making these stories possible. We need each of you to help us strategically invest in the foundation of our ministry so that these stories will continue—seeing soul transformed by the power of media. Will YOU take the "Coffee@Home" Challenge?  Now that you've reach several stories first hand, will you and a friend take the Coffee@Home Challenge and donate the money you save from that weekly caffeine run  to help us continue to Multiply His Message through more workshops, materials and resources? Read about the Coffee Challenge here.  To read more about how APMedia is impacting God's Kingdom, visit our site at: APMEDIA.ORG

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