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Meet Our Trainers

For over 26 years, AP Media directors Bill and Kim Snider have remained dedicated to the task of training nationals across the region to create culturally relevant multi-media presentations of the gospel. In fact, this year not only have we trained over 800 media missionaries, but we’ve also conducted our first Multiply Media Training Seminars in Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Middle East. This ministry is so blessed to have top-notch national trainers representing us in the field like JayR Manalo, Alena Palad, and Patrick Tan. Kim also actively utilizes nationals attending her Storytelling and Magazine Article classes as contributors for AP Media’s quarterly publications: MOMs and Men in Progress (MIP). Kim explains: “As nationals are empowered to share their stories, they build other families up to see the relevance of the message of Jesus in their lives.”

JayR Manalofrom San Juan City, PhilippinesVideo Specialist since 2013

  1. B.S in Business Administration, Major in Management

  2. Video Production - In media ministry since 2007. Video editor for 2 Christian films, short films and promo videos for church use. JayR’s Classes include:

  3. Storytelling through Video Production

  4. Video Production Using a Smartphone

Alena Paladfrom Samar, PhilippinesAudio Specialist since 2000

  1. B.S. in Electronics & Communications Engineering

  2. Audio Production - In media ministry since 2000. Audio editor for Christian films, short films and promo videos for church use. Alena’s Classes Include:

  3. Audio for Video

  4. Basic Church Sound System

  5. Radio Production Seminar

Patrick Tanfrom Manila, PhilippinesWeb Specialist & Graphic Designer since 2010

  1. B.S. in Architecture, MDiv. Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries

  2. Practicing Web and New Media Development since 2002

  3. National Coordinator, Chi Alpha Campus ministry Patrick’s Classes Include:

  4. Social Media for the Church

  5. Web and Graphic Design

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