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Middle East Training Update

“The Middle East has always been a fascinating place. To have an invitation to train media workers in this part of the world is an answer to prayer. It has the potential of creating a ripple effect impacting many families in a hard to reach area of the world.”—Bill Snider, AP Media Director As the region grows in business and commerce, the Middle East has become the temporary home of several million Filipinos who work as Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs). They do everything from construction to housekeeping. It’s a full spectrum of opportunity many in the country are so financially well-off that they do not want to do these jobs. And due to population size to do the amount of construction needed in the Middle East. Several months ago, AP Media received the invitation to do conduct a Training Workshop in one of the largest cities in the Middle East. The church runs close to 400, conducting three services a week for a mostly Filipino congregation. When the pastor discovered our website and all the materials that we had, he asked for the team to train the leadership in how to use media. These tools will be useful in many opportunities to share the gospel in their community and workplace. We are also inviting many leaders from nearby countries. Over 30 people, which includes six to 10 church teams, will attend the workshops. The attendees will receive instruction in utilizing AP Media materials in their churches and also help them develop their own presentation and social media content. “Social media is everywhere, says Bill. “Learning how to use and make these materials can help disciple, encourage Christians in the midst of challenges or grow spiritual life.” The training will include teaching how to produce quality video content utilizing cell phone technology. In creating these short messages, leaders can share content with their congregations and communities via social media and digital sharing. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR MINISTRY TRAINING IN THE MIDDLE EAST

  1. Pray for the pastors and leaders coming to the Multiply Workshop that the right people are selected and can come, which we’re hoping includes people from several of the close by countries.

  2. Pray for the AP Media team to have a clear understanding of the rules and restrictions in the area so that the proposals and training are useful for the attendees and able to be implemented.

  3. Pray for the $6000 in travel costs needed and arrangements for the trip. It’s about 4,500 miles, a 10-hour flight, from the Philippines to the Middle East.

  4. Pray for favor in securing Visas and all the details that allow the training to happen.

  5. Pray for more workshop opportunities to open in this part of the world and for attendees to take what they learn to train others.

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