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Moving The Message

by Keith and Delsey Garner Asia Pacific Media is a vision-casting ministry that acts as a catalyst for new ideas. By harnessing the power of the cell phone and taking advantage of the reach of the World Wide Web, we seek to see His Message, Multiplied across Asia Pacific. It requires vision to recognize the need to harness the power of the smart phone to share the gospel. It requires vision to recognize the power of a media resource that is shared from one person to another as a doorway to discuss spiritual things. It requires vision to take our eyes off ourselves and see the need of the 900 million people in Asia Pacific who do not know Christ and need to hear His message. Through the media resources and training of AP Media, we pray that Christ followers everywhere catch the vision of the power of a story told through media. Millions of people are surfing the web right now, looking for a video to watch or checking their social media. In the midst of all the things shouting for their attention, shouldn’t they be able to find the one thing that can bring them true purpose and peace? That is the power of media when combined with the gospel. Would you pray with us and for us?

  1. Pray that the newly released Asia Pacific Media app will be found to be a useful ministry tool for evangelism and discipleship.

  2. Pray for the upcoming training seminars in Vietnam, Myanmar and the Middle East.

  3. Pray for the next Asia Institute for Media in Ministry scheduled for April 2019. Once again, many nations will be sending participants.Asia Pacific Media, His Message, Multiplied, TOGETHER!

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