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Multiplying His Message in the Metaverse

The potential of the new Metaverse is unrolling before our eyes. And sooner than later, it will dramatically impact the way we live. We can already see that the industry is putting billions of dollars into the development of the Metaverse, and everyone is trying to become the first big player. The projected market size for the Metaverse in less than two years will be approximately 270 billion dollars. So, what is the Metaverse? It began when founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta. Microsoft, Apple, and many others are working on building devices to integrate with the Metaverse. The significant move forward into Meta began when the social media company decided to purchase Oculus “Virtual Reality” goggles to merge the two technologies. The merge of social media and augmented reality allows the user to meet up with friends in a “virtual room.” You can watch a movie, play party games like Pictionary, and, yes, even attend church. Even some Assemblies of God churches in the US, like James River in Ozark, Missouri, are already experimenting with “Metachurch” campuses. Utilizing augmented reality, churches are making these virtual campuses look like the inside of the main church. When you go to church in the metaverse, you can talk to people and hear their real voices. You can explore a full campus and experience different ministries. You can connect with pastors and receive prayer. It’s hard to forecast the possibilities for using this technology, as it is still in development, much like when the internet started in the 80s or when the smartphone hit the marketplace. But you can see how these technologies influence the daily life of billions of people today. How much more will the Metaverse influence how we live in the future? The question is not, “Will the Metaverse come?” The question is, “Is the church ready for the Metaverse?” Here at Asia Pacific Media, we are dedicated to help the church in Asia Pacific be ahead of the game. We are incorporating cutting-edge training on technology like the Metaverse to help reach “all who can hear.” Wouldn’t it be amazing when people who might even be homebound can go into the Metaverse to meet with friends? They could corporately celebrate, shop, or just hang out with others. People in this community would find newfound freedom to go to church, meet Christians, and encounter and discover Christ? The Metaverse will give us many opportunities to reach a new group of people with the gospel. Still, we must prepare, learn, and not lag behind technology. Your support of APMedia helps us respond proactively to the future of digital media. Your partnership allows us to train the church across Asia Pacific on how to utilize new technology like the Metaverse to spread His Message of Hope.

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