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Myanmar Needs His Message

Imagine that the last time you gathered at church was March 2020. Imagine that you could not move freely around your town or village, that there were military checkpoints everywhere. Imagine that the banks were closed, COVID was sickening your friends, and a vaccine was not accessible. That’s a picture of Myanmar right now. But the gospel message is not quarantined! Beginning in 2014, our APMedia team made a concerted effort to develop a media ministry at the request of church leaders. We made numerous trips for training, helped the church build a video and audio studio, and helped them produce many videos for teaching and outreach. When the military took over the country in February 2020, the team was in place. Their work did not stop, and we continued to mentor them and give them access to video footage. Every day His Message is still being multiplied! Several times each week, the media team produces and releases messages of hope, and thousands of people across the nation see them. One media worker shared: “As life is getting more difficult, we are finding more and more people turning to digital media for hope and encouragement. Though the churches are closed, we can deliver the Word of God online.” Every week through the Media for Hope Facebook @mediaforhopemm, our media team is sharing relevant life-building video messages like “How to Know God Exists,” “How to Find True Happiness,” “Finding Hope in Christ,” and “Where Do We Go When We Die?” Let’s continue the work we started in Myanmar! Thank you for your partnership as we continue to help provide resources to produce these relevant Messages of Hope during this crisis!

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