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Myanmar Studio Project Update

Not only is AP Media continuing to train a new generation of media missionaries, the Myanmar project to build a studio that will broadcast the gospel in an area heavily influenced by the Muslim world is moving forward! This is an exciting milestone. The studio will be used to produce stories of freedom — testimonies of many Buddhists on their life-changing decision to follow Jesus.

  1. Pray that the construction of the studio is completed on schedule (by August). Our national leaders are taking care of all construction.

  2. Pray for Dr. David Lee as he travels to Myanmar to work with local leaders to identify and purchase construction materials.

  3. Pray for funding to equip the facility. Fortunately, video equipment is becoming cheaper. Still, with two cameras, lighting, appropriate audio and other equipment that will enhance what we can do, we are still looking at approximately $20,000.

  4. Pray that the facility will be able to start producing video content by this fall.

  5. Pray for the provision for our $400 daily operating expenses for AP Media. This base of support is what enables us to continue providing training like the Asia Institute for Media in Ministry.

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