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Next Generation Digital Missionary: Jona (Video Production)

I heard about AIMM from my pastor. My colleague and I were invited to attend AIMM to develop our potential and to serve God with the best quality and skill that we have. During this training, I learned the importance of shooting video at the right angles. Knowing this is so critical to the quality of the video. Secondly, I learned the steps to conceptualize the ideas. When you’re doing video, it is not just about you sharing a story you’ve recorded. It’s important to request feedback so you can adjust and be successful at reaching your audience. I’m here to give my work and talent to God. I want to give all the glory back to Him to share His Message with the world. I want to encourage others to use their talents to bring praise and honor to God.

Three Things You Should Try Before Leaving Earth. After returning home from AIMM 2019 training, Jona organized a video crew and a team of acting talent from her church (Pentecostal Church Assembly of God. Legazpi City, Philippines) to produce her first “DigiTracts” short film. The film, “Three Things You Should Try,” presents the various things everyone needs to try in their lifetime — traveling and being kind to others. Ultimately, Jesus is reveled as the source of hope and joy that people need to “try for themselves.” Click the button on the left to watch Jona’s video. Join us as we pray for our digital missionaries like Jona. Pray for God to change lives as He raises up and increases the influence of the next generation of media missionaries across Asia Pacific.

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