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Our Vision, Our Future

For the past few years, we’ve seen God take our ministry to areas of the world that we never dreamed of impacting before. There is no doubt. God is changing lives today through the power of media—by telling the stories which address real life issues that people struggle with on a daily basis in a culturally relevant way. And we’ve been able to reach into nine nations in this part of the world. As we look toward 2017, there are already some amazing things taking shape, things Kim and I never imagined when the ministry began in 1989 as Asia Project 2000.

  1. We will have an increased opportunity to work in the Middle East.

  2. For the first time, all of our dramas and movies are available for download—anywhere.

  3. We will see our work expand in Indonesia.

  4. Our focus on training workers will create more capable storytellers to share the good news in various parts of Asia.

  5. We are hoping to see new staff joining the team at AP Media. The harvest continues to multiply exponentially. And every day God surprises me with more amazing opportunities. Thank you for journeying with us to see His Message, Multiplied in Asia Pacific and beyond.

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