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Pag-asang Para Sa’yo

I have been an avid listener of 'Pag-Asang Para Sa'yo' every Sunday morning. I am very thankful that I have been learning so much and blessed spiritually. Thank you also for answering questions from your listeners. Noel TorresAngeles, Pampanga AP Media partners, thank you for helping us use radio to see His Message, Multiplied across Asia Pacific. In the Philippines, Pag-asang Para Sa’yo (PPSY), a weekly 30-minute radio program, gives listeners biblically-based answers to tough questions of life. The program, aired with a guest counselor, addresses these issues through sermons, talk shows, and listener Q&A. Each week, a guest counselor responds to actual listener letters. PPSY, which is currently available in Taglish, is produced in partnership with The Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God and AP Media. Through PPSY alone, we’re able to see His Message, Multiplied on over 20 stations in the Philippines.
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