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On February 1, a coup occurred in Myanmar in which the nation’s military took control of the government and declared a year-long state of emergency. This crisis happens at a time when the Church had been given more freedom. Asia Pacific Media has worked closely with our team and the Assemblies of God in Myanmar to build a media studio and train media workers and church leaders. Then APMedia worked with them to create new church resources, including a new discipleship series. As the country is currently experiencing civil unrest, it’s more important than ever to pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in this nation. One media worker shared: The situation in this country is getting worse. Some parts of Myanmar are caught in the middle of a war between the military coup and the indigenous armies. Now I’m moving my family to a new place and setting up a way to produce more messages of hope. But, unfortunately, most of the internet companies are closed. So it’s very costly and hard to upload new videos. I will, however, continue to do what I can.. • Pray for believers and the Church. They are in need of the Lord’s help. • Pray for our Myanmar-based media team as well as our many digital missionaries. Pray for their safety as they watch the situation closely and respond with messages of hope. • Pray over the many families and orphans in Myanmar. They face a real risk of danger amid civil turmoil. • Pray for peace and freedom for the people of Myanmar. Pray for an end to the coup so that no more lives would be lost and that life would be restored. • Pray that God would use this disruptin to share the Good News. UPDATE: In early May, our team was able to get fiber optics into their office. and begin putting up new content, short testimonies, and Scripture verses. In the last month the number of followers has increased by 30 percent. Although the internet is monitored and, to some degree, limited, this is an important time for Media for Hope to be there offering the people God’s comfort and strength in these turbulent times. A NATION IN CRISIS

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