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PROMO: "UKids"

“UKids,” is a series of short dramas targeting Filipino children ages six to twelve, addressing character issues. The eight-minute dramas, on which production began in 2012, are anticipated to be an ongoing project. “There is a significant interest in these videos in the public schools since  it values development is a part of the public school curriculum,” Bill Snider, Director of Asia Pacific Media (APMedia), says. Having produced and field-tested a pilot package of six episodes, APM is currently working on the first complete series, which will include 13 dramas. “UKids” illustrates Christian character. As a part of the Usapang Pamilya (Family Talk emphasis of Asia Pacific Media), the series can introduce viewers to the broader video library. “Since 50 percent of the Philippine population is under 20, we feel it’s important to minister to children and teenagers,” Snider says. “They provide the opportunity to present Christ in the practical aspects of living.” The national church has partnered with APMedia in the development. They are introducing “UKids” to their Christian Education leadership team which will be heavily involved in promoting “UKids.” APMedia is in ongoing conversations with consultants connected to the Philippine Department of Education, and there is interest in incorporating the “UKids” video series into values education in the primary schools. "UKids" dramas are another expression of our concern, as a ministry, for the Filipino family. We’re excited to see where this project goes and are very thankful for the very strong support that we’re receiving from national churches, as well as for the interests expressed from the Department of Education.”

Ukids is $1250 per episode including some post production costs.  We will be replicating DVD copies also.  The cost is $15 for 10 copies, $1500 for 1,000 copies,  we need your help to underwrite this ministry. Please click here to contribute to project code (48).  Thank you for journeying with us to make this ministry reach the people of the Philippines.

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