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Reaching the Unreached: Yiyi's Story

I was born into a Buddhist family. Since my childhood, my parents taught me the ways of Buddhism such as offering flowers and water as well as burning incense and lighting candles. , I used to go to Buddhist temples for 9-10 days meditation and I found a kind of peace. But that peace didn’t last long. In 1988, my mother got sick. During that time Christians neighbors told us about the living God who can heal diseases. They shared the gospel then prayed. What I learned is that people are sinners. There is only one, Jesus Christ, who can save us from sin. Before that time, all I knew about Christians was that they celebrate Christmas every year. Through them, I came to believe in Jesus Christ. I wanted to taste and experience the living God myself. I was not employed then. So, I asked God to give me a job. God answered my prayer and I was employed in a company as an accountant. While working at the company, God spoke to me through Luke 5 where it talks about being fishers of men. So by faith I resigned from my job and went to Antioch Bible School. I was worried about the support for my mother. As I went to bible school believing that God is alive, He provided me a part-time job. That’s how I was able to support my mother for a year. By the time God took my mother, she had experienced His salvation.

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