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Responding Creatively to Covid-19

Trying to predict the future of COVID-19 is a very tricky—even the scientists change their mind based on people’s behavior. But what I’m seeing in Southeast Asia is one of the greatest opportunities for the Church with a vision for digital media. Since March 2020, countries in Asia have taken the virus seriously. They have locked down cities, restricted travel, closed public places and mandated masks. Vietnam has had very few cases, South Korea is a model for addressing the virus, and the Philippine government only allowed people to leave their homes certain days each week. Churches in many cities have been closed for months. But the church has not been quarantined. Churches across the region quickly regrouped and implemented online services. Beyond Sunday online, many use Zoom for discipleship and small group meetings. Some pastors are doing short devotionals and daily times for prayer. Through digital outreach, church attendance has grown significantly. I’m seeing a surge in creativity! The church of Jesus Christ will not be stopped. Indeed, in these challenging times, the church in Southest Asia is growing. At some point, churches will once again gather together, but thanks to you, the Good News is going forth — right now!

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