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One of the ways Asia Pacific Media helped churches deal with the unique issues of COVID-19 was to produce videos to better support individuals dealing with the day-to-day implications of the pandemic. Even with the Philippines in lockdown, our media team worked tirelessly from home to do film shorts and organize resources to support the Digital Church and reach those experiencing crisis. Asia Pacific Media is continuing to produce resources to help the Digital Church address mental health issues, family life, and the additional stress that COVID-19 has put on families across Southeast Asia. Mental Health & The Pandemic Our APMedia Series, like this one on Pandemic and Mental Health, is needed more than EVER BEFORE! The three-episode series featured mental health professionals discussing anxiety, depression, healthy thinking patterns, relationships, balancing work and family during the pandemic, and more. Usapang Pamilya “Let’s Talk” Series The Message of Hope is powerful when it’s multiplied by media. And it’s being carried in the most straightforward ways by our Usapang Pamilya (Let’s Talk) series. One film short shares a prayer of hope that points those who have suffered significant loss during the COVID-19 crisis to the God who is in control of it all. Digitracts One of our Digitracts on the COVID-19 vaccine not only discusses current events, but ties in biblical truth that Jesus brings the promise of eternal life. Your support of APMedia helps us create these resources that are equipping the Church to support Asia Pacific people. RESOURCING THE DIGITAL CHURCH

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