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Thank you Asia Pacific Media for coming to Myanmar!

“I am happy to be with you for the AP Media training! I am a pastor here in Myitkyina (a northern city in Myanmar). This seminar is extremely significant for us because it’s the first time for us to be trained in using media in the church. All our leaders are here to attend this media training together with our youth from different churches. We brought 123 leaders from my district to attend these training sessions. They have all gathered to learn together about media—how to shoot video, the importance of sound systems, and the need for communicating the truth through media. Instruction about sound systems is of particular relevance for our churches. We have the appropriate equipment in our churches, but we do not know how to use it properly. We are all eager to learn and incorporate what we’ve learned in ministry. I especially want to thank Alena Palad, our teacher from Manila. We also thank the team for coming here to teach us.”

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