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Thank you, Asia Pacific Media, for tackling tough teen issues!

Dorena Martillano from the Philippines shares, “I learned about Asia Pacific Media Ministries from my teacher in Educational Technology. One of the class requirements is to watch a video from Asia Pacific Media Ministries. I chose “Baby” (from the Usapang Pamilya Video Series), dealing with the subject of teen pregnancy. It is very relevant to our generation. I highly recommend AP Media’s products because you can use them for outreach as well as in church.” The median age for the population of the Philippines is 24 years old. This makes it imperative that we help students be open about the issues they face in everyday life and give them the open door to discuss those issues, pointing them toward a biblical approach to healthy living. The Usapang Pamilya 28-episode series has not only made an impact in the church, they are utilized in schools and in television broadcasts across the country.

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