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Thank You, Partners!

Thank you, Partners! FOR HELPING US TRAIN 50 MORE MEDIA MISSIONARIES IN ASIA PACIFIC As you help us equip media missionaries to reach their community through Multiply Training Seminars and our annual AIMM Training, we have seen the resources we have created for over 30 years be multiplied exponentially by indigenous churches all over Asia Pacific. Why is this much more important than creating the resources ourselves? These media missionaries are taking ownership of the gospel message and packaging it in culturally relevant ways to reach the most remote areas of Asia Pacific in the most effective way possible. You are not only helping to MULTIPLY the WORKERS; you are giving them tools to grow the church through the power of media so all can hear the Message of Hope through Jesus Christ. In fact, in one 90-minute exercise during AIMM 2019, 21 Social Media for Evangelism students made 196 contacts through social media. The students shared the gospel 82 times, resulting in 19 people accepting Christ as Savior. Another 33 requested follow-up conversations. Because you have walked beside us in partnership, God is MULTIPLYING these stories! From the bottom of our hearts, we say, thank you. Please go to to watch even more student testimonies and student videos from the 2019 AIMM.

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