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A few years ago, I presented the power of online ministry to a group of pastors. One was skeptical. He said that it was impossible for a believer to lead someone to Christ through an online platform. Fast forward to today. We’re a year into the global pandemic, and I’ve seen church after church broadcast their worship services online. Truly, what the enemy has meant for evil, God has turned for good! As a digital specialist, I train church volunteers locally and abroad to use the smartphone and social media to reach the lost online. We call it digital evangelism. It is sharing the gospel online by leading individuals to engage with you in a spiritual conversation that leads to salvation. During these training sessions, the reaction at the start is the same — skeptical and even scared. Questions arise: “Is it really possible?” “What if I get rejected?” This kind of question reveals that many of us have not really considered our online life as a vital component of our Christian life. But with motivation and guidance, we see our students take one step at a time, engaging their friends online via chat. I remember one time I was teaching this session at the Asia Institute of Media for Ministry. By the end of the session, the class was able to engage a total of more than a thousand individuals online and lead several to Christ! Even after the session, students continued to converse with their contacts and share with them. The students responded with excitement and joy with the newfound discovery of the power of using technology to share the gospel online. It is not as intimidating as one might think. Remember these three steps: Pray. Care. Share. (Pray) Be intentional about becoming a digital missionary by specifically praying for individuals you engage with online. (Care) Then start engaging them and express genuine care by checking how they are. You may ask permission to share an encouraging graphic or video that has touched you personally. Or ask them how you could pray for them. (Share) As they open up about their life, turn the conversation to spiritual things by sharing a personal story of how Jesus changed your life. Invite them to welcome Jesus in their life. It takes intentionality and practice. The more you do it, the better you get. The world today is looking for answers online that only Jesus can provide. Let’s take this opportunity to win a friend to Christ and make disciples in the digital space.

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