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The Hope of Christmas, Multiplied

Thank you for traveling to share your heart and teach us. The AP Media team has brought us to the new level of perspective on media. We were inspired and encouraged to move forward into the media world that we had been so scared of being lost in. Now we know we can utilize this resource to win the lost. Social media is a wonderful tool to win more people for God’s Kingdom. Through media, many stories and testimonies of lives changed and healings will be introduced to the world. Praise the Lord! Pastors and church leaders have begun to open doors for young people to work with them in the area of media ministry. I have shared these wonderful things to our executive board and they are so excited to attend the next AP Media training in the future. May God continue to bless you and use you mightily for His Kingdom in these coming days. And hope to see you by the end of this year.

Join with AP Media and Pastor Samuel in Special Prayer for Vietnam. Over 60 million Vietnamese are on social media everyday. It is our prayer that the true Hope of the Christmas will “go viral.” Christmas is a prime opportunity many of our digital missionaries will be taking to produce short films outlining the Christmas story so it is culturally relatable and understandable . Thank you for being in prayer especially during the coming holidays that many who see these stories will be changed for eternity.

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